Meditation inspiration

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Meditation inspiration

Peace begins with finding a quiet place to sit and think.

The ancient Buddhist practice of Zen has integrated in the Western culture, transforming it from a foreign practice.

Director and lead teacher at the London Zen Centre, Guy Gaudry, explains how the scripture has changed to appeal to English-speakers.

Gaudry adds that Zen may be losing its religious roots.

“It is not so much a religion anymore. It is a religion in the fact that it means to connect to the truth but it does not matter who you are or [what] your belief system. It is not trying to change your belief system to believe this or that. It is just trying to [allow you] to experience life more directly and clearly.”

Gaudry locally teaches business partners, doctors, lawyers, artists, musicians, and people from all walks of life. He believes this practice helps with discovering your inner self.

“A lot of people, because of our culture, social life and parents, do not really live the life [they] want to live. We live the life that our parents want us to live, our culture wants us to live, society wants us to live, and it causes a lot of suffering.”

The meditation that helps in relieving stress and depression also helps inspire- the late Steve Jobs being one of its followers.

“He is a Zen Buddhist and you can see Zen in all of his designs in Apple products. They are simple, they are clear, and they are beautiful. They have to be beautiful, they have to be simple, and they have to be precise because that is kind of what Zen does. It takes away all of the distractions.”

Gaudry believes that Zen allows people to focus on being alive and present in the moment.


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