Racism may still be an issue in London

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Racism may still be an issue in London

With the issue of racism and police brutality making headlines across the US, some Londoners are reminding us that the issue is still at home. The reminder comes after another incident in the US after police pepper sprayed a black man having a stroke in his car.

One London man says racism is still an issue in London

“Here in London, we have subtle things that take place here. whether is jokes, comments, or terms people use to reflect a group of people” Says Leroy Hibert. Hibert is the multicultural outreach coordinator at LUSO community services here in London and says that he has heard many stories of people being discriminated against. He adds that there are a few solutions to help people get in the right direction

“Open Dialogue is important[…] the conversation has to continue”

he also adds that LUSO has an outreach line for anyone who has been a victim of discrimination

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