An environmental area coming to London?

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An environmental area coming to London?

A new way of living is in the works here around London.

An area that has many names from “Net Zero”, “Smart Community” or just “Environmentally friendly”. What this means is an area that develops the same amount of energy that it consumes.

Sifton Properties is the organization behind the idea, the same organization that brought solar panels here to London and Southwestern Ontario.

Now their first step is to build a three-storey green office which Richard Sifton, President and CEO, says will show London and Canada that this is starting to happen.

“There are people who aren’t sure about some of the components we’re putting in and that itself will be exciting to show and then you go into the next phase which is the multi family town homes.”

The goal could see 2,000 homes made over the next 10 years.

“It will be the same net zero opportunity for the customer and that will be predominately through solar panels and building sciences.”

Along with Solar Panels the office could see green roofs, tinted windows and will catch rain water. For building sciences which Sifton adds will play a big part there are many components to it.

“For example, in an office space your going to have mechanical equipment that knows the left side of the building is too cold and the right side is too warm and it will automatically change the air for those two areas without having to turn on a system to produce new air conditioning and new heating.” 

Conservation also has a part in this project, from building tighter homes and making homes more energy efficiency which means you will be using less energy.

Council still has to approve the first step which is the office, which Richard Sifton says there shouldn’t be any issue.

The location would be on the west end, past the Hunt Club going towards Kilworth, Komoka and Mount Brydges.

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