Max Jones joins the London Knights

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Ever since he was drafted over one year ago Knights fans have been waiting for this day, the day Max Jones joins the team.

Standing at 6’2″ and just under 200 pounds this 17 year old kid could be the power forward the London Knights have been waiting for.

With a decision to either stay in the USA or join this famous CHL team, the decision was one he says took some time to think about.

“It was after the season and I went home and I sat there for a couple hours, talked with my parents and that was the deciding factor. After that it took a couple weeks to figure out everything.” 

Getting used to new environment especially a whole new country is a tough task. London though has had tremendous success bringing in talent from across the border. Names like Patrick Kane and most recent, Memorial Cup winner Michael McCarron. Jones believes this place will feel like home quite quickly.

“I really like this place, I like the city, I love the fans. Its really cool when you see fans love the game and they actually know whats going on and know what kids have been drafted. I can’t wait to get started.”

Head Coach Dale Hunter, was smiling and in general happy to see him join the team.

“When you add a player like Max Jones’s caliber, he’s a complete player. Watched him play a lot with the under 17 team being in Forest and Sarnia. It was an opportunity to see him a lot. He’s a fast player, skilled, in big games like you see in the playoffs he raises his game.”

With a name like Max comes a lot of pressure to live up . I’m speaking of Max Domi who got the crowd of his feet countless times in his four years with the club. Many chants of Max were heard and Jones would like to keep it that way.

“Domi actually did really well here and I would like to follow in his footsteps and follow his name also so I think it will be really cool.” 

Jones is now the fourth player to commit to the team joining: Matt Tkachuk, Evan Bouchard and Robbie Thomas.

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