Creativity gets better with age

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Creativity gets better with age

There are walls covered with paintings and photographs as you walk around the Central location of the London Public Library. The galleries are just part of their second annual Creative Age Festival. Aimed at Londoners who are 55+, the library celebrates those who are making music, creating art, and many more activities to keep their creative juices flowing after retirement.

London Public Library Communications Manager Ellen Hobin says you can be creative at any age, and that it doesn’t stop when you age. “If you stop and think about the adults in your life, and the fact that we’ll all end up, hopefully, you realize that that’s ridiculous,” she says, “As I age, I don’t feel less creative. I feel more creative.”

She credits her life experiences to develop her creative side, and Seniors Assistant Patsy Morgan agrees with her. “Our brains are constantly developing new neurons and new cells and learning is something that is a life long journey.” With a longer life expectancy, seniors have more time to be creative. “The seniors of today are not like the seniors of previous years. They have a lot of energy, a lot of vitality, and share for the younger generations to learn.”

Hobin says that studies have shown multiple times that there are many benefits to being creative when you are in retirement, or close to it. “The arts helps our health as much as being physically active, helps our intellect, helps connect you to the community so you are not feeling isolated or lonely.”

The Creative Age Festival runs until Saturday, June 6.  The festival has many events at a variety of branches, including the vocal workshop Finding Your Voice at the Masonville location, and Improv Theatre Games at the Central branch. Further details can be found on their website.

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