Extended definition to marijuana

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on extending marijuana’s definition now includes oils, lotions and edibles.

This change opens up options for licensed medical marijuana users to eat their medicine, use as a cream or lip balm, the list goes on.

Jay Voneuw, a licensed user says, “It’s about time, and shouldn’t of had to come to this.”

The ruling came out early Thursday morning, and Health Minister Rona Ambrose quickly spoke of her outraged. She says, “There’s only one authority in Canada that has the authority and the expertise to make a drug into a medicine and that is Health Canada.”

She continues saying marijuana has never gone through the regulatory process at Health Canada.

For marijuana to go through the process, it would have to be submitted by a company. A person or bodies are delegated by Parliament to go over the submitted subject. From there, studies are made and only time will tell if it’s approved or denied.

Voneuw refused to give a reaction to Ambrose’s speech, but says he uses marijuana instead of hard-narcotics. He says, he was prescribed the narcotics when he was young and had to go through rehab to get off of oxycontin.

For the last four years Veneuw has only used marijuana and doesn’t regret the switch.


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