Stroke awareness

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Stroke awareness

Stroke awareness month is upon us and according to a Heart and Stroke report, everyone needs to become more aware of the symptoms.

The report showed that Canadians are lacking in the knowledge of recognizing the signs of a stroke. 43.5 per cent did not know any of the signs. And only 4.4 per cent could recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

FAST, a new acronym made to help people remember the major signs of a stroke.

F- Face. One side is droopier than the other and their smile is crooked.

A- Arms. Lifting both arms up and one can’t lift as high as the other.

S- Speech. Words are slurred or incoherent.

T-Time. Time is of the essence when a stroke occurs. For every minute passed is 1.9 million brain cells that die.

Eileen Britt, the coordinator for rehabilitation says, it’s better to call an ambulance if you’re not sure, then not call and find out is was necessary.

If you recognize any of the signs for stroke, call 911 immediately.

Paramedics are trained to deal with stroke victims on scene and rush them to the hospital.

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