Premier Kathleen Wynne spends Wednesday in London

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Premier Kathleen Wynne spends Wednesday in London

Premier Kathleen Wynne spent her day in London touring around places and attending meetings.

Wynne toured Big Blue Bubble Inc. and she praised how they give opportunities to Fanshawe and Western students to kick start their career. She also talked about their positions for high school students.

“It’s great for young people coming up through high school. We want to make sure they have the experiences to allow them to imagine what they might do in the future.”

As she entered the building, Wynne was confronted by some of the 750 inside city workers that are on strike.

She was asked about the CUPE Local 101 strike and if the province should play a role.

“Those issues need to be resolved between the employer and employees. I think that the collective bargaining process works best at the table. I have full confidence that both sides will come together and reach a deal.”

Mayor Matt Brown, who took the tour as well, addressed this topic as well.

“We are very focused here in London on reaching a deal that is fair to the employees, that is sustainable for our community and that provides great service for Londoners. That deal we know will be negotiated at the local level through free negotiations. That’s the essence of collective bargaining and we’re encouraging our union leadership to get back to the table as soon as possible so we can have those serious conversations.”

Premier Wynne also talked about the meeting between the Southwest Mayors, which she is taking part in. One of the topics that will be discussed the most will be funding infrastructure in cities around the area. The Provincial Government has been criticized by people that the funding only goes to the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Wynne notes that funding is available for areas outside of that area and that all of the money hasn’t been given a destination yet. She says that the mayors need to take part in consultations and let her know what the needs are for their area.

She also said high speed rail will be discussed as well and that many projects need funding.

“I believe it’s time for us to move on that. It will increase that connectivity. So, whether it’s expanding the highways, intersections, transit systems. All of that needs investment.

Wynne made a stop earlier Wednesday morning northwest of London in Ailsa Craig to visit a farm and make an announcement.

She will also take part in the Pan Am and Parapan Am celebrations taking place in London Wednesday evening.

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