Father’s Day everyday

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Father’s Day, it is the one day a year that is all about dad. Or is it?

The creator of UnconventionalDad.com thinks about Father’s Day differently.

Brian Mackenzie, a stay at home dad, says he doesn’t have fond memories growing up of Father’s Day. He says, “I remember being forced to make things,” adding, “it was just another holiday to remember.”

Mackenzie never wants his children to think, “Oh no it’s Father’s Day,” and that they have to get him something. He believes the day for dads is a day to spend with family and to him that is everyday.

“Our day to day routine is what people on Father’s Day do.”

Spending time with children isn’t just a great day for fathers, it’s also a great way for kids to grow.

In a report done by Child Welfare, The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children states, father’s that have a good relationship with their significant other will have a more positive affect on their children. This positive affect is having emotionally and psychologically healthier kids.

Mackenzie works from home, his wife and him decided to home school their children. Though their son is only three and their daughter is still an infant, they’ve begun showing them the world and feeding their interests.

On a daily basis, the Mackenzie family will go out on adventures to inspire their children. Mainly their son, whom can ask questions, and it seems to be working for his mentality.

Mackenzie says, ” Instead of just going to Wal-Mart and pushing him in the stroller what we do is, we go to the hill with the tree on it, then we go to the rock, then we go to the mud pile,  then we go see construction trucks, then we’re at Wal-Mart. We’re always spending time together. We’re always learning.”

The computer on the dining room table is a great tool in the Mackenzie home. He and his son often look up any curiosities that may happen throughout the day. They google how yogurt is made and different dinosaurs, among many other subjects. Mackenzie is very proud of his son and his memory, he says he can recall about 40 different dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are his son’s greatest interest right now. He’s a big fan of The Land Before Time movies and he shows it by researching different dinosaurs and creating his own version of the great valley. 

Mackenzie says, “Talk to your kids about everything, not just anything, everything.” If you feed their interests they will grow.

And that’s exactly how the Mackenzie family like’s to spend their days. Not just on Father’s Day.

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