London Police investigating the possibility of suspect in Jeremy Cook’s killing drowned in Ottawa

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London Police investigating the possibility of suspect in Jeremy Cook's killing drowned in Ottawa

London Police is looking into the possibility that Muhab Sultanaly Sultan, wanted for second degree murder in relation to the death of Jeremy Cook on June 14th, is the subject of a missing person investigation currently underway in Ottawa, Ontario.

The individual in that case is believed to have entered a body of water in Ottawa Wednesday evening and has not been seen since.

London Police Service Major Crime Section members are monitoring the Ottawa Police Service missing person investigation and are working with their counterparts there in an effort to determine whether the missing man is in fact Muhab Sultanaly Sultan.

Ottawa Police said in a statement Thursday they’re searching for a missing man who entered the Rideau River Wednesday evening.

The man is believed to be involved in an incident where he attempted to run over two Ottawa Police officers who were on-duty on their bicycles at the time.

One of the officers was struck and sustained minor injuries. A vehicle pursuit began involving a police cruiser and the suspect’s vehicle was abandoned. The passenger was arrested, but the driver remained at large at the time. A canine track was not successful in locating the driver.

Ottawa Police then received a number of calls from Ottawa residents about a suspicious man. The man was observed attempting to swim across the Rideau River.

Officers attended and two of them went into the water after the man who was showing signs of distress. As the officers got closer to the suspect, he went under the water and has yet to be located.

It was back on June 14 when police say Cook left his cell phone in a taxi cab. They say he electronically tracked it to 1181 Highbury Avenue.

Upon arriving at that address with a relative, at about 5:15 AM, Cook and the relative approached a silver 2004 Mazda 6 four-door sedan that was occupied by three males. A discussion occurred about the phone.

While at this location, a male passenger exited the vehicle and walked away from the area.

Police say the vehicle started to drive away so the victim partially climbed onto and held the driver’s side door. The vehicle drove northbound on Highbury Avenue then turned east.  Shots were then fired.

Police responded and found the victim dead behind the plaza located on the southeast corner of Highbury Avenue and Huron Street.

Cook had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

Then on June 19, London Police issued a Canada wide arrest warrant for 23-year-old Muhab Sultanaly Sultan of Calgary.

Friends and family paid their respects to Jeremy at a service on Monday.

If you have information:

London Police – (519)-66105670

Ottawa Police – (613)-236-1222, x 7300

Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

Information can also be sent online anonymously at:

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