City clarifies its proposal to CUPE in hopes to resume talks

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City clarifies its proposal to CUPE in hopes to resume talks

The City says they’re clarifying their latest proposal through the mediator to CUPE Local 101 in an effort to restart contract talks.

They say the proposal may have given the impression the City could potentially hire up to 2,500 part-time workers to work Sunday shifts. The City says that is not their intention. The actual total number of part-time, unionized workers proposed for the Sunday shifts is no more than 25.

City’s lead negotiator Adriana Hagan is looking to clear the air with CUPE.

“I understand that the union has expressed concern we might use part-time workers to replace full-time positions but that is not, and has never been, our intention. We would only employ part-time staff to fill those Sunday shifts that full-time Local 101 staff do not choose to work.


Hagan wanted this to be a possible solution for the strike.

“The City’s negotiating team was concerned when the union stated that talks had collapsed on Monday.  Our proposal was meant to find a creative solution to this outstanding issue, not to create an impasse.  We hope that with this clarification the parties can get back to the table for meaningful negotiations.”

The Union cut off the talks after they say the City added new amendments.

Mayor Matt Brown said he was disappointed that the talks were cut off.

Meanwhile, CUPE Local 101 says they’re weighing all of their options that includes legal action.

Since May 25th, 750 inside city workers have been on strike.

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