London Police reminding everyone to be cautious on the roads

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

London Police is asking all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to be vigilant of one another to reduce the risk of collisions.

This was the scene after a skateboarder was struck at the intersection of Dundas and Adelaide on Monday.

They’re sending out the reminder as a number of collisions have occurred on the roadways resulting in serious injuries and death.

  • Last month, a collision involving a cyclist occurred at Wellington at Bradley resulted in an 18-year-old male losing his life. No charges were laid in this matter.
  • On Monday, a 20-year-old male collided into a moving transport truck while on his skateboard at Dundas and Adelaide. He was in critical condition for days and is now listed in fair condition.
  • On Wednesday, a 47-year-old female collided with a transport truck on Highbury Avenue while riding her bicycle. She remains in hospital in critical condition.

Police say the drivers were not at fault in these three incidents. They say their message isn’t to point fingers. Instead remind drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that it’s shared responsibility.

Here are the latest stats from London Police. For 2015, they run from January-July 8th:


  • Two in 2015
  • ¬†Two in 2014 (6 total for the year)
  • Four in 2015 (12 total for the year)

Cyclist Collisions:

  • 33 in 2015
  • 57 in 2014 (127 total for the year)
  • 45 in 2013 (112 total for the year)

Pedestrian Collisions:

  • 102 in 2015
  • 99 in 2014 (233 total for the year)
  • 103 in 2013 (218 total for the year)

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