Eldon House visitor concerned over statue theft

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Eldon House visitor concerned over statue theft

Marilyn Hart and her granddaughter were at visiting the oldest home in London to enjoy some cream tea by the pond. She said they were last at Eldon House around 15-20 years ago for their afternoon tea program.

“We both just love this house and the history, and it’s such a graceful, graceful home,” she said, “I brought my own children, her dad, aunt and uncle, when they were little at Christmastime. We always came to Eldon House in the winter cause it’s something to see decorated at Christmas with all the greens.

However, a resident who’s usually on the grounds was not in attendance during this tea party.

The pond at Eldon House, with a pedestal in the center

Last week, Eldon House staff reported a small statue of a cherub holding a dolphin was stolen. Plaques belonging to various parks around the city were also missing. “It’s just criminal, ” Hart said of the incident, “It’s such a beautiful addition to this place, and hopefully it will return.”

Staff at the oldest home in London are concerned the statue, and other city monuments, were stolen and are being sold for scrap metal. Hart felt that was the case. Her church, Richard’s Memorial United Church, had copper wire stolen for the same reason.

“We had it taken from the air conditioner from the roof, I believe last year,” she explained, “This year, recently in the last month or so, it was taken down from the one on the ground level.” She added they have not found the person who stole the wire, and that it is very expensive to replace.

A cherub statue holding a dolphin on a pedestal in a pond

Courtesy of Maureen Spencer-Golovchenko

The statue is 72 centimeters by 42 centimeters. If you have more information, call London Police or Crimestoppers.

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