Middlesex London Health Unit data stolen

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

A briefcase containing a laptop and paper files with medical information was stolen from a vehicle.

The files and laptop contained information about mothers and their young babies. According to Chief Executive Officer of the MLHU, Dr. Chris Mackie, the information stolen was only about healthy children and did not contain contact information.

“The laptop is encrypted, so we aren’t concerned about that data,” said Mackie. “The notes are very non sensitive medical information, they are from a well baby clinic, so we aren’t talking about any serious medical problems here…so its really low risk data”

Mackie adds that while the risk is low,  he is still concerned

“From a process perspective, it’s not okay, we did let our clients down and we need to make sure we are on top of that”

The London Police are currently investigating the theft. Anyone with information is asked to call London Police or Crime Stoppers.

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