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According to Dan Knight, owner and operator of Day 2 Knight Events, the average wedding comes with a $30,000 price tag, but he’s seen a variety of limits.”I’m working with clients right now with a $10,000 budget, and I’m working with clients who are upwards into a $45,000 budget,” he said, “It all depends what you want to do, where you want to have it, how many guests you’re inviting, and what elements do you want to see at that wedding.”

The event and wedding planner said the most expensive part of the wedding varies, but it will likely be the venue. “That would include your food and drink potentially if you’re doing host bar,” he explained.

For those brides looking to save money, the Bridal Swap is coming to London. The event began in Vancouver after the organizers decided to provide an alternative for wedding shopping on a budget, other than looking online. Brides-to-be will look at dresses, accessories, and other wedding needs used in previous weddings.

“You’re probably only going to use those items once, so you’re using them for your wedding day, then it’s collecting dust in your basement or what have you, so it’s a way for the former brides to sell it, but the new brides to get that second or third use out of that item instead of it just going to waste.” Knight explained.

He enjoys wedding planning because every one is unique. However, he’s noticed more couples want a rustic wedding, either done in a barnyard or in a hotel with similar elements. Knight felt the traditional white bridal dress is still common, but saw on social media that brides are getting dolled up in other colours, including one bride with an all purple ensemble. He knew he wanted to be a wedding planner after watching the film “The Wedding Planner”, staring Jennifer Lopez.

“I love helping people so it’s a great way for me to tie the two together, but I was watching that movie and I thought ‘That looks like a lot of fun'”.

When he plans weddings, Knight tells his clients that they are also a guest at their own wedding. “I know when you’re looking after all the details yourself, it may be a bit more difficult to do that,” he said, “People are coming to you [saying] ‘Oh, I need to be paid’, ‘The chair cover wasn’t here,’ that kind of thing. A wedding planner can definitely help to alleviate that stress on a couple.”

The London Bridal Swap’s big day is March 5th, 2015 at the Hellenic Community Center. Calgary, Edmonton, and even Witchita, Kansas are expected to have their own Bridal Swap.

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