Ride sharing company in London

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Ride sharing company in London

Uber, a ride sharing company, launched in London and the surrounding areas.

The decision took the community by surprise due to a statement Uber had made regarding marketing the brand towards the end of this year.

The company had faced scrutiny earlier this season about operating as an unlicensed taxi driver.

However, a recent court ruling for Uber, established that there was no evidence about the company operating as a taxi broker.

“There’s a lot of [taxi companies] right now in the city that do have apps that are very similar to Uber” says chief by-law enforcement officer Orest Katolyk. Katolyk says that the city and his office is keeping a close eye on Uber.” The difference is that [local companies] are linking you with licensed operators, whereas Uber is just linking you up to anybody who has a car that meets their specs”

The company claims to offer prices that are 25% cheaper than conventional rates.

Reports say that part of Uber’s first weekend launch entails four free rides under $20 around the city until Sunday.

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