Young painter breaking out of shell

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Young painter breaking out of shell

It took years for 17-year-old Natalie Chevalier to publicize her artwork.

The recent high school graduate has always had her creative juices flowing with her 11 year dance background; however, it took her longer to showcase her paintings

“I was never really that confident with my art. So, I loved doing it but I never showed people it. This year is really when I started putting my art out there.”

She adds that she never showed her art because she was too nervous until her teachers and family motivated her to do so.

Chevalier says her art teacher gave her the opportunities to showcase her work in shows which gave her the encouragement to put her work out this weekend.

Thousands will pass by the first official showcase for the London entrepreneur at Ribfest.

The young painter fell in love with the way colour can be manipulated to show an image and that has really helped keep struggles off of her mind.

“It has really helped me to find a creative outlet for expressing my emotions and stuff. So, it is just a really nice way for me to escape from things.”

Her plans are to continue art studies at Beal Secondary school, and art history abroad.

Chevalier adds that the greatest misconception about pursuing a career in the arts is the difficulty in making a living or getting paid for work.

“Often, people see it as something that is really difficult to do, and it is. It is hard to make a lot of money doing it, but, I think that if you love something and you show that you are passionate about it then it is really easy to be successful and happy in it.”

The young painter turns to her artist father and online social networks for further inspiration.

Her personal exhibitions, Thanks for the Memories, the Simple Things, and many others, are meant to capture special moments in time.

You can visit her website at:


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