OPP say tragedy struck the roadways this long weekend

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OPP say tragedy struck the roadways this long weekend

The Ontario Provincial Police continue to investigate a number of fatal collisions that occurred over the weekend.

OPP say three motorcycle operators were killed in two separate collisions in Huron County on Sunday when bikes they were operating were struck by other vehicles.

A third person on one of bikes is fighting for his life in a London hospital. None of the collisions were the fault of the bike operator.

Chief Superintendent John Cain, the West Region Commander for the OPP, says every single motorist needs to check their driving skills.

“Sadly for some, these numbers don’t mean much until tragedy hits close to home. Safety can only be improved when everyone becomes part of the solution.”

Sergeant Dave Rektor says that the Move Over Law was a focus on the roads this weekend.

“Some people are getting it but, there are people that don’t move over for emergency crews on the side of the road.”

This law requires all motorists to move over and slow down for all emergency crews that are attending to a scene on the roadways.

Rektor says you need all of your attention when you’re driving.

“You need 100% of your attention when driving 100% of the time. People should not consume alcohol or drugs when they’re operating a motor vehicle. I know there are minimums in order for it to be criminal but, when you do consume alcohol or drugs, it impacts the way you drive. The proper amount is zero.”

Here are the weekend results from the OPP:

Charge                                                                Provincial Total      West Region Total


Fail to Move Over –Emergency Vehicle              414                             105


Speeding                                                                   4, 446                         979


Racing                                                                        81                                15


Seat Belt                                                                     309                             42


Distracted Driving                                                     175                             33


Impaired by Alcohol                                                 96                               18


Sergeant Rektor says it’s important for everyone to get the message about safe driving.

“It’s extremely frustrating and disheartening when on this weekend on our roadways, there are three families that are totally devastated because of preventable collisions.”

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