Lolita Fashion takes over the Central Public Library

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Lolita Fashion takes over the Central Public Library


Photo credited to Toxik Fox Photography


If you can imagine a porcelain doll, you already have a good idea of how Lolitas look like.

This Japanese fashion based in the Victorian-era has arrive to the forest city, and a whole community is more than excited to show how it looks like to the public.

London Ontario Lolitas administrator Meagan Wilcox describe this fashion as “a Japanese street fashion where the point is to be modest, with petticoats, lots of lace, pastel colours, but giving it your  special touch.” While Sophia Sarantakos, also administrator of this community describe it as a way to be herself.

“Since I was little I always loved girly stuff, and while wearing lolita, I feel like I can express myself”

The London Ontario Lolitas are in constant growing, with more than 70 members right now

“Lately we had 10 to 15 girls coming at us saying that they want to try the fashion, and that’s great” Wilcox commented.

Sarantakos and Wilcox will be two of the main host for the Lolita and Cosplay fashion show at the Central Public Library’s garden this Saturday, August 8th, with some more members of their community.

The event is meant to get the public to know the fashion, while giving them a little taste of what they should expect for the upcoming London Comic Con.

The fashion show is a free event for all ages, and will be running from 11 am to 2pm.



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