Tips to become a better writer

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Tips to become a better writer

Most people have tried or want to write a book.

It’s an interest in life many want to experience, but finding that idea you want to write about could be the hardest part.

London’s Writers Society President Dave MacMillan says no idea is ever a bad idea. “Some ideas are like flowers, they haven’t blossomed to the extent you would like them to”.

Now when starting most people are categorized into two groups. Ones who have an idea but don’t know how to expand or people who have the urge to write but don’t have an idea they find fascinating.

Most people don’t realize how hard writing is from proper grammar, dialogue, finding time and just having an idea to grow on.

One tip to help get the juices flowing is to write short stories, to help get the fundamentals down, understand how you want to write your story.

“I’ve had the experience, this is how it affected me, an attempt to use some what appropriate grammar tenses and so on. That is a place to start”, says MacMillan.

Writing a novel is a top choice for many people’s bucket lists. People want to tell stories either through fiction, storytelling or of their own life or a story.

MacMillan adds that everyone has lived a life, you have an opinion and most likely a story that can be told.

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