Campus Security ensuring students stay safe

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Campus Security ensuring students stay safe

Many students are living on their own for the first time when they begin college. Although it can be an exciting time, some may feel nervous. Some people may feel concerned about their safety if they are working late at night on a project in a computer lab.

Luckily for them, the Campus Security Services at Fanshawe College offers a safe walk program, which runs 24/7. Special Constable Luke Edwards explained students involved in the Auxiliary program will walk with the students back to their residence, bus stop or Kestrel Court townhouse.  “If there’s not an auxiliary that’s available to do that, we’d be more than happy to send a security officer or a special constable.”

Students can also ensure the safety of their fellow peers by becoming an auxiliary. The program, promoted those studying Police Foundations and Law and Security, allows students to work with officers on patrol and attend community events.

Although Edwards said off-campus situations are handled by the London Police Service, it’s important for Campus Security to know their students are safe. Last year, they launched the Stay Safe App, which is available on Blackberry World, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. It has a GPS tracker so users can either find out where they are located or call Campus Security directly.  Then, the constables on campus will send someone from the London Police Service down to that location.

Edwards also advises students call 911 if they feel they are in danger, and to plan ahead before attending any party.  “Talk it over with your friends before hand, know where you are going, always have a means of transportation to come home.”

The Special Constable added that getting to know all of the resources available to you on campus will help you feel more comfortable. He suggested connecting with your professors, residence advisers, and the security guards and auxiliaries. “We wear different coloured uniforms, but every single one of us are approachable. If students have concerns, please feel free to stop any of us in the hall, we’re all here for the students.”

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