City aims to sponsor Syrian refugees

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City aims to sponsor Syrian refugees

The Image of a young Syrian boy on a Turkish beach has sparked a global outcry that has people wondering how they can help. Thankfully, the City of London, as well as the London Muslim mosque, the Islamic centre of southwest Ontario, the Metropolitan united church, the London chapter of the Muslim association of Canada, and Libro financial have all teamed together to help refugees affected by the war in the middle east.

The program aims to help Syrian refugees who are relocating to Canada cover the expensive costs that come along with it. some refugees have to pay over $20 000 to relocate.

“I was just so pleased with the way the community responded” says Mayor Matt brown. Brown also mentioned that a big help came from Libro Financial, who gave the project a way for people to donate in cash or online.

there are 5 locations around the city to donate money to. You can also donate by sending it through e-transfer to

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