London almost finished its economic road map

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London almost finished its economic road map

The City of London, along side community business partners and the London economic development corporation, have taken another step towards completing an economic road map for the city. the Mayor, councilors and over 40 different community members came together at the London convention centre to have a final meeting about strategic investment here in the city.

The meeting focused on investments to public transit as well as the downtown area. The road map also outlined plans to create a more customer friendly environment, as well as making it easier for start up businesses to get assistance from the city.

While the ideas have having more investment into the city’s transit system may sound tantalizing, the biggest change seems to be in the health sector.

“We have a number of things that make us unique and distinct here in London” says Mayor Matt Brown “One of course is the hospitals, and also the fact that we are the southwestern Ontario hub for medicine”.

Mayor Brown has been apart of the design of the road map and says that since London is a prime place for medical innovation because of our number of hospitals, one of which teachers young doctors and nurses.

The finalized road map is set to be published later this year.

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