New business adds to London’s country fever

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Along with Rock the Park Gone Country and a sold-out Dallas Smith Concert at Fanshawe College, London has some businesses that represent the city’s love for country music .Joining Cowboys and Saddle Up is the Bull and Barrel.

Based in Windsor, the restaurant and bar will feature plenty of spontaneous entertainment. “Randomly at 11 o’clock you’ll see five or six bartenders get up on the bar and do a quick little line dance.” said Andrew Corbett, Owner and Operator of Bull and Barrel, “As well, you may see one of our waitresses hop up on a mechanical bull and do a Shania Twain track.”

Corbett added they decided to open a London location because it’s close to Windsor, where many Western and Fanshawe students are from. “It’s worked out really well that way that we’ve come to this new city and there’s people that are really excited about it, because they are familiar with the brand in Windsor already.”

Although the restaurant and bar attracts the student population, and since Fanshawe College is home to some hospitality programs, Corbett said they served customers of all ages. That was the same case for job applications, and the owner felt it’s because of the wide audience country music reaches.

“It’s not like hip-hop or EDM music which is geared towards a younger audience, country music is for everybody.”

The Bull and Barrel are looking to fill between 40-60 positions during a job fair at Budweiser Garden’s King Club from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. September  10, after its first round of recruitment on September 9.

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