New housing construction rules in London.

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New housing construction rules in London.

City Council has past a motion that will put more regulations on building a house here in the city. Before the motion, a person could build a home on a plot of Land without so much as a site plan.

Ward 11 councilor Stephen Turner raised the motion, quoting the perils of one woman within his¬†constituency who’s tree was damaged during a neighbours construction project. Turner went on to mention that under the former set of regulations, the woman would have had to have sued the neighbour to get compensation for the damages.

“This is about making sure that the same process that’s followed for building a sub-division or an apartment building is followed also in neighbourhoods when a home is built” says Turner. “People expect the city to protect them from the damages that would occur from a neighbour”.

the motion was passed 14-1, with Ward 1 councilor Michael Van Holst disagreeing with the policies. Van Holst said in a comment to XFM news that he “is really concerned about how much the city hall interferes with the private affairs of its citizens”.

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