Fanshawe D&D Club reflects on past year

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Fanshawe D&D Club reflects on past year

Students often sign up for clubs as a way to get involved on campus, make friends, and take a break from school. However, clubs commonly struggle with gathering enough people who participate after the initial sign up.

Nathan Tobola, sign-off officer for Fanshawe’s Dungeons and Dragons club, said a lack of participation was just one of the issues they faced during the past year. The club, running in its second year, also deals with a short amount of people who can host events, and coordinating meeting times with other people’s schedules.

“We make it our duty to try and pull the people from our group, and find what days work best for them,” he said, “This year we’re considering running the club on multiple days.”

Tobola added finding a place to play D&D properly was also an issue, because “it can get very noisy”. However, they usually play in Oasis or the Alumni lounge.

The D&D club isn’t the only one looking to gather more people, however. Kelsey Schachow, the president of the Fanshawe Rotaract Club, said they will give monthly awards to active members. “People who attend the most events, people with the most enthusiasm, and people who really make everyone else feel comfortable.”

Fanshawe students will find more opportunities to get involved on Volunteer Day on September 17.

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