What is paverpol?

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What is paverpol?

A brown, grey, bronze or black goopy substance is gaining traction in the art world.

Paverpol is  a new type of solution for sculpting, it’s safe for both humans and animals, and is also environmentally friendly. So much so, the waste of the product can be thrown into the garden.

Paverpol instructor Chuck Clark says, his dog eats the dried bits that fall onto the floor, while he’s creating.

The substance was originally created in Holland as a replacement for resin.

Art resin is like a varnish; used as a transparent coat and hardening agent over a piece of art. However, most resin-products are toxic and cannot be thrown into the garden or consumed by a dog.

Clark and his business partner, Gert Tracy, teach paverpol workshops, and say it’s quite simple.

You make the skeleton of your piece with wire, fatten it up with foil, wrap it in tape and then clothe it. Once you’re done you add you paverpol and it hardens the base material, however you would like it to be.

Clark says, “The amazing part of these, each two is different. There is no two the same. It’s how you feel when you make them and if you go with your gut feeling it always works out. There is no right, there is no wrong.”

If you’re interesting in trying paverpol sculpting or just want to know more about it,  Clark and Tracy are holding workshops at Arts with Panache; located in Talbot Centre.

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