International Enrollment On The Rise

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

International enrollment is on the rise at Fanshawe College. The numbers are not yet determined, but according to Matt Stewart who is the  Cross Cultural Events & Volunteer Coordinator for the international centre says that the numbers are expected to be higher than last year. Matt Stewart is the former Fanshawe Student Union President.

Stewart says that the College and the International Centre is focusing on specific programs to target international students and he thinks that is one reason why international growth is on the rise. This semester There are currently four programs that are international only programs.

“Here in Canada what students want to go in to program wise maybe different to what somebody from India wants to go in to,” said Stewart. Stewart also mentioned that it all comes down to what the students want.

Stewart is a former international student himself and he explained that his story is a different as someone came out and talked to him to play volleyball for Fanshawe College. Stewart says that international students should get involved in campus life.



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