ETFO in London endorses NDP

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ETFO in London endorses NDP

The federal election is a month a away. The parties are trying to gather votes to help them win the election.

The Elementary Teacher’s Federation in London has endorsed a political party. The ETFO have endorsed the NDP. Local Union President, Craig Smith says that even though the education field is a provincial jurisdiction, he wants the NDP to put emphasis on labour. He says,  “The NDP is the political voice of labour.” At the annual meeting of ETFO, they passed a motion to back the NDP.

“Endorsing a federal party is new to the ETFO in London,” Smith says. In the past, they used strategic voting when it came to the federal election. The ETFO have guiding principles when they vote. Smith says that he respects the secret of the ballot, but he added that he feels the union has a duty to provide advice to their members.


The ETFO in London support 3,300 elementary teachers.

The election is scheduled for Monday, October 19th 2015.



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