London artists shine at Upstairs Downstairs

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London artists shine at Upstairs Downstairs

Some of London’s brightest local talent was at the Arts Project to showcase their work.

The Upstairs Downstairs Art Exhibit at the Arts Project, is an annual exhibit that shows off the work of its nine resident artists.

Everything is on display from fine art paintings, sculptures, and even photography.

Angie Quick is one of those resident artists, and also happens to be completely self taught.

Quick feels that being self trained has allowed her more liberation and freedom in her artistic style.

“I decided I didn’t want to be influenced by anyone, and obviously being self-taught – you have to be really self-motivated,” Quick said. “You have to be able to push yourself out of the norm of what you want to go towards, and I take everything I learn from books, and going to museums, and looking at other people’s stuff.”

Quick’s best advice to aspiring artist is to simply embrace art as a way of life.

“Art is basically the infrastructure of society,” Quick started. “It’s what makes us what we are, and it’s a philosophy and it’s an expression where you can dive into.”

Quick feels the philosophy doesn’t solely apply to art.

“Paintings or novels, or anything – it’s not escapism, it’s simply a place where your mind can dive into.”

Another one of the resident artist is 23-year old, Adam Giroux.

Giroux stands with his work

Upstairs Downstairs was just Giroux’s second show in his young career, and he’s found it difficult to contain his excitement.

Giroux incorporates darker and more obscure elements into his paintings, for almost a cryptic, haunting look.

“There’s an element of realism,” Giroux said. “But definitely always been passionate about the surreal and mystifying side of art.”

Giroux feels there’s something to art that allows one to bear their souls and show what’s in the artists’ mind.

“There’s the opportunity to talk about things on the inside with art, and not just external,” Giroux continued. “Representing a lot of those things as metaphors and sort of imagery that speaks to the tension in my life, and that other people experience.”

It’s not all paintings at Upstairs Downstairs, as some of the resident artists rely on their unique artistic abilities.

Rob Nelson is one of the veteran resident artists, and is renowned in London for his photographic art.

Nelson is a renowned London Photographer

Nelson is a renowned London photographer

“Photography, because it’s one of the most simple art forms – it’s also the most difficult,” Nelson started.

“It’s not so much craft, but a vision or an eye, and that’s what I love about it – whatever vision you see – you capture it, and you make it beautiful.”

Upstairs Downstairs has served well as a platform for some of the cities best artists to come together and show off their work.

Quick, Giroux, and Nelson are all hoping to catch the eyes of Londoners with their life’s work.

If they are lucky, they might just catch the eye of an interested buyer.

With so much talent condensed into a small space, Upstairs Downstairs has been a testament to how artistically talented Londoners can be. Not just in fine art, but in all facets of creative expression.

The show runs through until October 3rd.

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