Time to Reconsider Speed Limits

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Many big cities have already gone through with the action of lowering speed limits in residential areas. It may be time for London to start reconsidering they’re own speed limits in the city for the safety of pedestrians and young children.

Some people are finding that the school zone speed limits are not often obeyed, but at the same time they also are not monitored very well. In order to maintain a safe community it is important that speed limits are followed by drivers.

If people take this matter into their own hands, there may not have to be as many safety precautions surrounding elementary schools and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

F.D. Roosevelt Public School in London, Ontario, as small of a school as it may be it does not have a lot of parking space for parents to go before and after school. The buses specifically at this school do not have a bus loop, they simply pull off to the side of the road to drop kids off.

One crossing guard for the school was able to comment on the fact that her job is so much more than just making for a safe spot for kids to cross the road. She explains that any help someone needs going to school or leaving school she is more than happy to put herself out there.

Although there are many people looking out for the kids around the school, there are still many dangers that occupy this issue of speed limits as well as the rules of the road. As the school year progresses we will be able to see what changes really need to be made

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