Special Olympians: Athletes like everyone else

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Special Olympics Canada

The London chapter of the special Olympics is all about determination, tenacity and bravery. From the athletes trying to be better to the staff and coaches trying to help them be better. everyone is focused on  a common goal.

According to one of the trainers in Hutton House, the place  where the athletes train, she decided to help the team because she saw the lack of support and resources.

With the upcoming national winter games in Newfoundland, Valerie Nyhout, who is a special athlete who practices basketball, soccer and golf, is getting ready. She says she hopes to do well, but that she’ll be fine if she doesn’t win as long as she performs well.

“You can see personal gains from it too(training and competing). Sport is a big confidence builder in other parts of life,” said Daivd Nyhout; Valerie’s dad and the new coach of alpine for team Ontario.

The National games are set to start February 2016 and Valerie, her dad, and all the other athletes and coaches are hoping Ontario has a good participation

The Special Olympics

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