Homeless voicing their opinion

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The key component to any city is its people; including its homeless.

Victoria, B.C.s mayor has recently paid the homeless of the city to give their thoughts on housing options.

XFM News went to the streets asking Londoners what they think about the idea.

Eric says, the homeless would know best, because they are the ones going through a daily struggle.

Feeling mixed, Elshi says, I don’t think they should get paid, because you don’t know if they are being honest.

Lorlei Knight, a man previously homeless himself says, it is a great idea. People usually don’t listen to their issues. Adding, some do not want to go to the homeless shelter because there are people who do drugs and it’s not the greatest place to be.

Victoria’s Mayor Lisa Helps, paid 20-dollars to each homeless person who attended. About 365 people showed up, costing around 7,500-dollars.

Mayor Helps told the Times-Colonist, we pay consultants 150-dollars to 200-dollars an hour. The people that showed up are the least-expensive consultants and they did their research.

Do you think, homeless giving input on housing opportunities is a good idea?
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