National tree day in the Forest City

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Today is National Tree Day and Londoners can pick up free trees or seedlings from multiple locations across the city. The City of London is working in conjunction with the Million Tree Challenge to help keep London’s brand as the “Forest City”.

The Million Tree Challenge’s goal is to plant one million trees over the next ten years, but the project requires Londoners to register their tree online ( in order for them to count toward the goal.

Manager for urban forestry for the city, Ivan Forester, is urging people to plant trees to help maintain the urban forests–The city is asking for help with pl

anting trees to replace the ones being lost to emerald ash borer, development, and old age. If trees are planted today, the urban forester says it ensures tall, strong trees will still be around in 50-100 years from now.

Lister stresses that the importance of the day is to encourage the public to plant and look after trees. He says that if you are unable to plant a tree yourself, taking care of a neglected tree is another way to help. The city is encouraging Londoners to appreciate, and take care of the forests the city has.

Where to get a FREE seedling or sapling on National Tree Day (courtesy of
Scotiabank All London Scotiabank Branches (14) Regular
Business Hours
City of London – four great locations Argyle Mall -11 am- 1 pm
Westmount Mall -11 am – 1 pm
White Oaks Mall – 4 – 6 pm
Masonville Place – 5 – 7 pm

City of London Planning Office, 206 Dundas St. (seedlings), 12 noon- 1 pm

3-5 gallon trees
Goodwill Industries Edgar and Joes Café, 255 Horton Street
Goodwill Bookstore, 1044 Adelaide St. North
Goodwill Outlet Store, 3410 White Oak Rd.
Goodwill Bookstore, 979 Wellington Rd.
Goodwill Community Store, 255 Horton St.
Goodwill Community Store, 1165 Oxford St. East
Goodwill Community Store, Sherwood Forest Mall, 1225 Wonderland Rd. North
Business Hours
Libro Credit Union 919 Southdale Rd. W. 9 am – 4 pm Seedlings
John Zubick Ltd. 105 Clarke Rd. 7:30 am – 4:30 pm Seedlings
Friends of the London Civic Garden Complex London Civic Garden Complex,
625 Springbank Drive
10 am – 2:45 pm Seedlings
ATN Access Inc. 141 Dundas St. Suite 504 9 am – 3 pm Seedlings
ReForest London  944 Western Counties Road

(behind Parkwood Institute)

10 am -3 pm  Seedlings


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