Embracing your spiritual side

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Embracing your spiritual side

There are a number of resources in London to help you embrace your spiritual side; whether it’s connecting with spiritual entities, or simply using tools like crystal healing, to better your life.

Lisa Goldsack is a medium who holds workshops in and around London, which teaches people how to embrace their inner medium, “I believe that everybody has the potential to speak to spirits.” She said that while she’s been offering her services for the last 8 years, it was only about 7 months ago that she decided to start helping others.

“There’s a need for people to feel the connection for themselves, and want to learn how to do it for themselves, and don’t really know where to find that information, or where to start,” said Goldsack. She adds that she’s seen a lot of positive response from her workshops, from people who are trying to bring a positive change to their life, “[I teach] people how to reach out to their own loved ones on the other side, as well as the basics of energy, and how that works, and how you interact with people on a daily basis.”

Another well known practice, is crystal healing. Crystal healing is the belief that every type of crystal hold it’s own energy, and has the ability to heal, or affect a certain aspect of your life. Judy Higdon is a London resident who teaches people how to use crystal healing, Reikei, and past life regression to better their lives, “If you think you may have had many other lifetimes, all the trauma that people may have gone through in all their other lifetimes – if we healed better from all those experiences, we would be healthier [here and] now.”

Each type of crystal can be used to heal a different part of your life, for example, social anxiety or post traumatic stress syndrome. Higdon explains that for someone, for example, who was traumatized as a child, reikei and crystal healing can be very powerful.

Both Goldsack and Higdon offer their services in London, and can be found on Kijiji.



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