London Psychic Expo

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The Psychic Expo hits London!

Dozens of tables are set up around Centennial Hall, offering readings from psychics of all different abilities. Organizer of the event, Linda Fulcher says the expo is always a success, and that she has been travelling with the expo for 28 years.

Many of the Psychics use cards or just the touch of a hand to connect with someone during a reading, but Davis  Belne uses a very unique technique. Belne uses his hands of healing on the sick, and people who just want to stay healthy.

When the psychics were asked when they first discovered they had psychic abilities, they all shared very similar stories. Each psychic said they knew from a young age that they were different from others, and had the ability to connect with spirits.

The psychic expo offers shows where you can watch amazing live readings, and  if you are nervous to get your own you can sit back and watch the show. There are also many unique spiritual objects to purchase including healing rocks, psychic novels, and handmade african hair pieces.

Flutter says that if you miss the expo not to worry because they travel all over Southwestern Ontario to areas around us including Hamilton, Windsor and Guelph, along with annual visits to London.


London Psychic Expo

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