Zipping into Fanshawe’s Student Circuit

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Ready, Set, Zip!

There’s a new company on campus and it’s zipping into the Fanshawe community. Zipcars are now available for rent on our campuses. The large car sharing service offers a competitive alternative to owning a car, taxis, or Uber for students.

According to Christopher Louis, marketing coordinator for Zipcar’s Ontario operations, Zipcar’s prices and accessibility are increasingly appealing to young students. “There’s no more maintenance costs, no more parking, no more insurance.. or gas” he notes, “there is no catch.”

Credit: Fanshawe Student Union


The annual membership cost for students is $20. After your membership has been approved, students can look into hourly, daily and weekly reservations. Zipcar is now available at over 400 universities and colleges. You can access your Zipcar with a key card.

“There are going to be times when you just don’t want to cab: things like grocery shopping or exploring the city” says Louis.

Learn more about Zipcar on campus, and how Fanshawe students can access this service.


Zipcar at Fanshawe

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