Drugs, addiction and why students could fall victim to this.

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Homecoming has come and gone, and with it, countless memories, both good and bad, have been made. The truth is homecoming has become a rite of passage, and both Fanshawe and Western students party especially harder that weekend. However, one could say the same thing about dates like Halloween or St Patrick’s Day.

Students tend to drink more than usual for this dates, and  drinking and doing recreational drugs has become a synonym of having a good time. Alcohol, marijuana, MDMA and cocaine are some of the substances that people put into their bodies to party, sometimes using more than 1 simultaneously.

Jake is one of those people. He is a student at Western and likes to go out, drink and do multiple drugs. He doesn’t describe himself as an alcoholic, but he tells how he feels if he doesn’t drink for a couple of days. He says he usually spends around 20 dollars a day on alcohol and drugs, which becomes a lot of money after a couple of weeks.

“Whenever I don’t drink, I usually feel feels anxious, nervous, my hands are shaking and clammy and my head hurts,” said Jake, who says the night he drank the most was one night at a local bar where he had around 20 beers and 10-12 shots, plus he also smoked marijuana and snorted some cocaine.

Jackie Meyer is a nurse. She tells students that if they are already under other medication like anti depressants or medication to treat other conditions, they should absolutely not drink because that could mean serious consequences.

Finally, she says that when you go out and drink, never push your limit or do dangerous things like mixing drugs with alcohol, since that can result in overdosing and death.

Drugs and Addiction

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