Getting Western to Vote

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Western Votes

Western Votes is changing the conversation around students and voting.

The initiative, run by Western’s University Students’ Council, is challenging the negative perception of students around election season. Western Votes is encouraging students to get out and vote, whether it be their first time or not.

Assistant Vice President External Jamie Cleary is determined to reach out to apathetic students. “We represent a large population in the London North Centre riding and we really can make a difference,” Cleary suggests. He adds, that if students were to vote, “parties as a result will hear us, and see that we really do care about student issues.”


Western Votes is organizing many on and off campus events, such as debates and information sessions with local leaders. Through their social media feeds, they will be providing students with more information about candidates and party platforms. They’ve also launched their “My First Time” campaign, which showcases students describing their first time at the poll booths.

Western Votes has a lot of information available online for students. ¬†Early polls open October 9th – 12th. You can also cast your vote on Election Day, October 19th in your riding or on Western’s Campus.

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