ReForest London aims to plant 1 million trees

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

ReForest London | 1 Million Tree Challenge

For a city also known as the Forest City, it is surprising that London only has about 4 millions trees. ReForest London is trying to change that with their 1 million tree challenge.

Julie Ryan, Director of Programs at Reforest London says that there are many ways for people to participate in this campaign. “ReForest London offers lots of way to be involved. Tree planting in the spring and fall and volunteering in other ways but anytime you are involved in making your community a better place, you feel better about where you live, you feel more connected.”

You can participate in a seedling sale, plant trees during a ReForest event or plant trees in your own backyard. Simply add the trees you have planted to ReForest London’s counter.

Since the challenge began in 2011, Londoners have planted more than 240 thousand trees. There is still a long way.

The next ReForest London tree planting event is on Sunday, October 4th. For more information please visit


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