Volunteering: Why we should get on it.

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Helping others is not always the  easiest thing to do.   We can volunteer our time by helping at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, women shelter, foster homes, or other places like that. We can also donate money to organizations like UNICEF, the Red Cross, the breast cancer foundation , or others. However, volunteering or donating to charities  takes time and money, and in the 21st century and in this generation, those are two things we rarely can afford to give. However, there are still people who find a way to help others.

Riley Cunnington is one of those people.   He is a student at Fanshawe and has a job at Masonville Mall. He is on his second year in college, and has been working for over a year.   “For a lot of my spare time I volunteer to the homeless community and soup kitchens” said Cunnigton, who started volunteering in high school helping out through one of the churches.

He says his favorite part of volunteering is seeing how grateful people are and the smiles on their faces when he just gave them food or goods.

Sarah McAulay is Riley’s roommate. They have been roommates for 2 years, but until recently, she decided she also wanted to help the community. She is also a second year student who works where Riley works.

“I find it pretty important to help because not everyone is as fortunate to have the lives that we have,” said McAulay when asked why he thinks it’s important to help. She also mentioned the reason she wanted to help was because she saw Riley  and decided she wanted to do her part.

Volunteering in London

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