Community Center Gets Youth Into The Arts

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The Glen Cairn Community Resource center here in London has been working with businesses throughout the city to give local youth the opportunity to express themselves through arts-based activity programs. Cara Duquette, a child and youth program worker at the center says she’s seen a lot of good things through her work.

“I get to see all these new faces coming into programs, and I get to see different positive impacts that these programs are having on our youth.”

These programs include New School of Colour, which gives kids the chance to try out all types of visual mediums at the Pond Mills library with an artist facilitator. There is also the youth dance program which began with the Dynamic Dozen Youth Employment Program. That program allowed youth to perform around the city as well as teach other children some basic moves, while this fall they will be back at the center with a choreographer to learn either basic or more advanced dance moves.

“These programs are going to help provide a positive, creative outlet for youth, and a source of happiness. It’s not only teaching them new skills, or building on skills they may already have, but we’re also helping connect them to different sources, and with meeting new friends who share a similar interest in something.”

She added that there has been a lot of community involvement in running these programs.

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