Uber might have a second chance in the city

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Uber might have a second chance in the city

Disgruntled taxi drivers left the public view section of city council is silence after council passed a motion that could be Uber’s saving grace. The motion was passed 12-3 ¬†and requests city staff to explore any possible options with regards to auto insurance to see if Uber could be covered to operate legally in the city.

“(This Motion) asks for more information, that helps us better identify a direction that is appropriate for our community” says Mayor Matt Brown. Mayor Brown was amoung the 12 members of council who voted in support of the bill.

but while most of the members of council supported the motion, individuals within the taxi industry were far less pleased.

“If the city isn’t going to follow its own rules of order, that is to enforce its own by-laws, then it comes to question whether we need to follow the rules of order” says James Donnelly. Donnelly is the President of the Blue and White taxi company and says a ruling like this completely disregards the taxi industry in the city.

The main motion included clauses that state the city won’t change its by-laws with regards to the Taxi industry, and that the additional clause was only to look for possible options to integrate Uber into the system.

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