LTC riding into change

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Your usual bus route might take a different turn or two.

The LTC has implemented many changes this month to help students commute with more ease. These include modified bus routes, and increased frequency around Western and Fanshawe’s campuses. For Western students, the most drastic change is the 2C Dundas, which is now the 18 Western Road. Fanshawe Students will see the 91 Express moving faster and more frequently to and from campus.

Katie Burns is in charge of the new routes and changes at the London Transit Commission. She says “Alot of (the changes) did have to do with students.” She also mentioned the successful Fanshawe smart cards, which allow students to tap on and off the LTC buses to pay their fare.

Previously, the 2C Dundas. Photo Credit: CHRW


Western’s USC VP External, Lindsee Perkins, adds to Burns’ points. She acknowledges that students play a pivotal role in these changes. “The USC has always been advocating for more buses, more routes and later hours” she says, citing that “the LTC looked into that, and made some changes.” She’s excited for the future of transit for London’s students, and sees this relationship as moving in an increasingly “positive direction.”

The scheduled changes for the 2016 transit year are available to view. The LTC is constantly looking for student feedback online or through Western and Fanshawe’s student councils.

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