Hear the beep – where you sleep

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 Hear the beep - where you sleep

London Fire Department executed a simulation to demonstrate new preventative measures for fire safety.

The “Hear the beep where you sleep” program, aims to see fire detectors put in every room of every home, as opposed to just floor-by-floor.

Rick Jefferson gives volunteer Tyler Marks some safety tips

The simulation featured a young volunteer using proper methods escaping a smoky house by keeping low, and then getting to safety along with his family.

Mayor Matt Brown was at the simulation, where he addressed the media of this year’s Fire Prevention week.

“We want to further stress the importance of working smoke alarms,” the mayor said. “In fact, the Ontario Fire Marshall is encouraging people to extend the installation of working smoke alarms – not just to have one on every floor, but to make sure we have one in every bedroom as well.”

Most fires are caused by carelessness, in terms of cooking with an open flame, or dealing with electrical circuits. L-F-D hopes to use this new method to teach people common sense when it comes to fire prevention, but also to teach them to be more aware of how to deal with a fire when it’s caused.

It’s especially directed at people with hearing disabilities and young kids who have trouble hearing while they sleep.

The Mayor stands with new deputy fire chief Brian McLaughlin and Ward 9 Councilor, Anna Hopkins

Deputy Fire Chief, Brian McLaughlin says it’s because of this that ‘Hear the beep while you sleep’ is such a fundamental message.

“We want to make sure everyone has ample time to exit a structure should they get a fire,” McLaughlin stated.

“Smoke alarms are in the area of around 10 dollars or less, so we highly recommend that you’re puting one in your actual bedroom.”


McLaughlin adds that although he’s new to London’s Fire Department, he’s excited to see so many people showing serious concern over fire safety.

“We’re just trying to bring certain fire safety tips to people’s attention so that they can act upon them,” he said. “Again, this is about being proactive, not reactive.”

Fire Crew in action during simulation

McLaughlin feels especially when it comes to how fires start in the first place, it really all comes down to common sense.

“When you think of it – stop the fire, before it starts – it just makes more sense.”

It’s an issue with student housing as well, as some landlords and property owners might not be as aware of certain fire safety rules in places.

That’s why McLaughlin wants the theme to take aim at student housing as well, and encourages all students to call London Fire Department if they have any questions in regards to smoke alarm safety and fire prevention tips.

It may not be the sexiest issue facing Londoners, but fire safety is one of those things that needs to be discussed.

After all – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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