London considers new commercial centre

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London considers new commercial centre

Photo: Josh Casey

London’s Planning and Environment Committee have passed a motion to install a new commercial center at the corner of Wharncliffe and Wonderland.

Although retailers cannot commit to signing leases just yet, the site is expected to feature banks, restaurants, a fitness center, and local independents.

The initial application came before the committee in 2005, although could not be passed before the Southwest Area Plan was commissioned.

Following the commission, the city stressed for more pedestrian friendly development, which is the direction the commercial center has taken.

“It’ll feel like downtown with the buildings brought closer to the streets and parking hidden behind the buildings,” says Carol Wiebe, a partner with MHBC Planning.

Raised sidewalks with landscaping and demarcations throughout the parking lot will help in creating a safer pedestrian environment.

The project is expected to take over a decade to build, but will provide hundreds of jobs to London’s community Wiebe adds.

Over time the multi-year project is set to intensify, with an increase in height and variety of buildings, eventually introducing office and hotel towers.

The motion goes to council on October 13.

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