Crowdsharing tilts London’s campuses

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Tilt your attention to this new company.

Tilt is a crowdfunding service that is attracting London students with it’s convenience. The website allows for users to collect money, fundraise for a cause, or sell items. The popular website is based out of San Francisco, and made its entrance to Canada in 2012.

According to Emily Lonetto, a growth consultant for Tilt, there’s been a lot of “organic growth in student run campaigns,” for using Tilt for coffee runs to splitting taxis. As a student herself, she uses Tilt frequently to facilitate her academic and social intiatives at school.

“We’ve actually been able to create a site thats completely powered by Tilt,” she adds. The site facilitates any fees from “clubs fees to sweater sales, or even lockers.”

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For student Maggie Zhu, Tilt provides the ability to split something like a pizza order conveniently, without the hassle of “dealing with any coins or cash.” She adds, that the fee structure might be “confusing” to new users or disillusioning as users may not realize how much they’re actually spending.

Tilt is free for users looking to collect money or fundraise. There is 2.5% charge on campaigns selling tickets or merchandise, and a 3% charge for credit card users.

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