Redeeming Aeroplan Miles to pay off tuition and OSAP

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

With many students graduating with debt any bit of financial assistance can help. Here in London, Brescia University College and Kings College have made it a little easier for students to pay off courses or part of their school funding. They are participating with the company HigherEdPoints which is a portal that allows their students to begin cashing out their Aeroplan Miles. Here students can pay off their tuition, courses or OSAP by redeeming miles earned through the Aeroplan system.

Founder and CEO of the company, Suzanne Tyson, says that HigherEdPoints is almost two years old and initially only had two schools on board. Now they have over 74 participating institutions and keep adding schools almost every week.

Tyson also says if a student does not have any Aeroplan Miles they can use their parents, grandparents or friends or get miles donated to them. 35,000 miles gives a student $250 off of tuition or OSAP. There is no limit to how many mile redemptions a student can receive.

Tyson also says, “it is has been wonderful to speak directly to students who have said, ‘you know without HigherEd Points I wouldn’t have been able to take a certain course…’ ”

Tyson hopes to continue helping students at various and newly on-boarded schools.

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