Victoria Hospital to downsize palliative care ward

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Victoria Hospital to downsize palliative care ward

Victoria Hospital is set to close 4 palliative care beds, and move some of these beds to Parkwood Hospital. This downsizing is sparking concern with some professionals at the hospital.

Bargaining President for the 3600 registered nurses at London Health Sciences Centre, James Murray says so far he has heard from some registered nurses about their concerns they have about these new changes.

Murray says, “London Health Sciences Centre is the major referral centre for cancer treatment in our region, with 4 few beds available to them that means cancer patients will not have a bed available on a unit specifically designed to care for them.”

Murray says also that if these beds are closed, chances are some patients will be initially placed in off service beds which are located somewhere else in the hospital. There will still be qualified nurses available to take care of these patients but they will not be qualified in the treatment and care of palliative patients.

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