Mohamed Fahmy feeling ‘betrayed’ by Harper, Ed Holder confused

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Mohamed Fahmy feeling 'betrayed' by Harper, Ed Holder confused

Photo courtesy of Ed Holder's campaign website

Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy is far from pleased with the Harper Government. He is questioning Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s integrity.

The 41 year old Canadian journalist stated in a press conference in Toronto that he felt ‘betrayed and abandoned by Prime Minister Harper’.

London West Conservative Candidate, Ed Holder, says that  he is happy that  Fahmy is now back in Canada, “First of all, I’m glad that Mohamed Fahmy is now out of prison.”

According to Holder, Fahmy’s claims are wrong, “Mr. Fahmy will never know the kind of diplomatic discussions that went on behind the scenes.”

Holder adds that the Conservative Government cares for every single Canadian living in the country, “There is never a situation where we abandon Canadians. We never do and he just does not know what went on to support and  assist in his release.”

Fahmy has arrived back in Canada and has been pardoned by the Egyptian president.

Prime Minister Harper was in the Forest City to attend a Conservative, political rally at the OTC Group.

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